Map: Editorial Boards Nationwide: End the Inversion Craze

A recent wave of corporate inversions has caught the attention of editorial boards and columnists across the country.
 End the Inversion Craze feature image

New CRS Data: 60% Increase in Corporate Inversions over Last Decade

The number of U.S. corporations reincorporating overseas to lower their U.S. tax rates has shot up in the last 10 years, costing the U.S. billions of dollars.
 60% Increase in Corporate Inversions over Last Decade feature image

The "IRS Scandal" That Wasn't

One year after a flawed IG's audit was published, House Republicans have failed to substantiate their baseless allegations of White House involvement or political motivation. Meanwhile, the IRS has spent $18 million to accommodate the GOP investigations.
The "IRS Scandal" That Wasn't feature image

Keeping Count: Unemployment Insurance Ticker

Every week, 72,000 Americans are cut off of unemployment insurance -- the equivalent of 1 person every 8 seconds. Our ticker is tracking how many have lost benefits.
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