The Ryan Plan: Ends Medicare and Social Security, Cuts Taxes for Wealthy

Issues: Tax Reform

The Ryan Budget lays out the House Republicans' reckless agenda for the country:

  • Rewarding the wealthiest with permanent, unpaid-for tax cuts
  • Dismantling of the Medicare program
  • Massive cuts in Social Security benefits

GOP Tax Cut for Millionaires

Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has proposed to cut the top tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent, providing a massive tax cut for the very wealthiest Americans, while hitting middle- and lower-income American families with a substanial tax increase. The plan – unanimously opposed by Democrats – would cut taxes for the average millionaire by $265,000 and almost certainly lead to dramatically scaling back tax provisions that benefit middle-income Americans, including the mortgage interest deduction and the tax exclusion for employer-provided health care.

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Ryan Plan to End Medicare

Rep. Ryan's proposal to end the Medicare guarantee was put forward in his Roadmap for America in 2011 and included in the last two budgets supported by almost every House Republican. The proposal has varied slightly from year to year, but at its centerpiece is an attempt to end Medicare as we know it by turning Medicare beneficiaries over to private insurers with no guarantee of a defined benefit package and dramatically increasing seniors' health care costs.

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Ryan Plan to Privatize Social Security

Rep. Ryan first proposed privatizing Social Security and cutting guaranteed benefits in 2005. According to Social Security’s Chief Actuary, his most recent Social Security privatization bill would reduce the balance of the Social Security Trust Fund by $4.9 trillion, cut benefits for a typical middle income worker (when the plan is fully implemented) by 39 percent (about $6,000 a year in today’s dollars), make the Social Security retirement age automatically go up every year, and increase the national debt for the next 50 years. Moreover, as Budget Committee Chairman, Rep. Ryan included in his annual budget resolution, which was adopted by House Republicans, a new fast-track process for making benefit cuts or other changes in Social Security.


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